½ bottle of Orpens Cider
15 ml of lime juice
15 ml of Monin ginger syrup
35.5 ml of Jameson


Pour half a bottle of Orpens Cider into a long glass with some ice. Pour the Jameson into a shot glass. Pour the lime juice and ginger syrup into another shot glass. The customer must then shoot the Jameson and then drop the lime and ginger into the cider glass which has now become a spicy chaser.




This is similar to the American bartender’s drink called The Ripcord. The power of the whiskey is mellowed out by the spicy, citrus filled cider. The flavours mingle well together and are a nice ode to whiskey, ginger & lime. The Snakebite is a common cider based drink; the name pays a little homage to it.