50 ml of Orpens Cider
35.5 ml Absolut Vodka
15 ml of strongly brewed camomile tea
35 ml of Monin pomegranate syrup
15 ml of lime juice
Dash of orange blossom water



Chill 2 teacups with some crushed ice. Shake the tea, vodka, pomegranate syrup and lime in an iced shaker for 10 seconds. Remove the lid of the shaker and pour in the Orpens Cider and orange blossom and stir. Strain into the 2 teacups. Garnish each cup with a lime slice and a seasonal flower.




Ingredients like pomegranate and orange blossom are very much in vogue because of the popularity of TV
chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi. These flavours hold up well to Middle Eastern or Eastern Mediterranean food; pomegranate cuts through olive oil while orange blossom adds a nice lifted floral note. A minted lamb dish with its herbal qualities would be great with this drink. The use of a teacup relates to the appreciation of fine herbal and floral teas where the delicate flavours are savoured by sipping, something we recommend for this little cracker.