35.5 ml of Orpens Cider
35.5 ml of Jameson
25 ml of Vanilla syrup
15 ml of fresh lemon juice
Egg white



Place the egg white and lemon juice in a shaker. Put the lid on and shake it for a few seconds. Place the whiskey and ice into the shaker, place the lid back on and shake again for 20 seconds. Strain into a iced long glass. Top up with Orpens Cider and garnish with a lemon twist.




Playing on the old classics and putting a twist onto the whiskey sour, the Orpens Sour-fizz blends the two classic flavours of whiskey and apple into one sensual experience. The use of vanilla accentuates the whiskey and balances out the fresh apple tartness. The sharpness from the lemon and cider combine well to cut through a sweet pork dish like a braised rack or loin. It’s better if you allow it to settle properly before diving in.