70-100 ml of Orpens Cider
3 shots of Jameson
1 fresh red chilli
1 shot of ginger syrup
1 shot of lime juice
8 dashes of Angostura Bitters




Line up 8 shot glasses (Octopussy). Slice the chilli and place in a shaker with the ginger syrup. Muddle hard for 10 seconds. Drop in the whiskey and throw in some ice, put the lid on and shake hard for ten seconds. Fine strain about 2 thirds full into each shot glass. Top up each glass with Orpens Cider, and then drop a dash of Angostura into each glass so that the top of each shot has a red float.




The liquid equivalent of an amuse bouche the Octopussy is delightful. Spice from the ginger and bitters mixes with freshness from the lime and tartness and effervescence from the cider. The whiskey adds a nice bite. Served in small shot glasses this will refresh your palate and leave a light lingering flavour of vanilla and lime.