• 50-75 ml of Orpens Cider
  • 35 ml Beefeater Gin
  • 35 ml Elderflower Cordial
  • 5 ml fresh lemon juice


Chill a large wine glass with some ice. Place all ingredients
except the cider into a shaker with some ice and shake for ten
seconds. Strain into the glass and finish with a healthy top up
of Orpens Cider. Garnish with a decorated lemon twist.
NOTES: Elderflower is gorgeous. It’s perfumed, sweet and
has a little tartness that marries really well with apple and
indeed with gin. Juniper and the other botanicals from the gin
compliment the dryness of the cider and the blossom taste
of the elderflower. This cocktail can be enjoyed on its own
because of its freshness, or with a meal as its very light and
goes nicely with spiced Asian foods as the mellow character of
the drink smoothens out the heat of the spices.
The idea to serve it in a wineglass comes from Spain where gin
is very popular. Holding the glass by the stem makes sure that
your hands don’t warm the drink.