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This year Great Irish Beverages is adding a Cider and Food day as part of its festival line-up, naturally Orpens is taking part. The day is a celebration of the amazing cider and food that we produce here in Ireland. It will be taking place in a range of great venues including bars, hotels and restaurants throughout the country, so everyone can get involved.




Perfectly paired cider and food

The Cider and Food day will showcase the huge range of craft ciders that are available today. Furthermore, it will demonstrate how cider can be beautifully paired with food and used in cooking to create delicious meals. Many people overlook cider as a “foodie” drink, as it is traditionally marketed alongside beer. In fact, this wonderful juice is far more like a wine than a beer. It is fermented, not brewed, and the apples contain tannins just like grapes. Like wine this process allows for a fantastic variety of styles and flavors, that when paired correctly can have amazing results.





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There are already 12 wonderful cider companies participating in this event throughout 16 amazing venues, with many more to be announced. If you would like more information on any of the ciders that are going to be there, or have a venue you think would be suitable for it, simply visit Great Irish Beverages for more information.