Thank you for visiting the virtual home of Orpens Cider.


Our real home, of course, is in Ireland. And that’s where we happily craft our special cider using fresh apple juice, pressed only at harvest time, from 100% Irish apples.


Irish apples are truly scrumptious. There’s a reason Irish butter is so delectable – possibly the best in the world. It has to do with our generous soils and soft, clean, green climate. Like many other crops, our apple orchards also benefit from this unusually beneficial environment.


The apples they produce taste different from apples grown anywhere else in the world. Now, while apples from elsewhere may be fine enough, we just don’t like them as much. They don’t taste enough of Ireland for a start. And who could blame the poor things.


Our cider tastes of Ireland, because it reflects our soils and our climate. This makes our cider lip-smackingly delicious. And this makes us happy.


… Are you thirsty yet?